Pocket Tripod | The only phone tripod you need.


A tripod that works with Android and iPhone cases. The Pocket Tripod is a card-size tripod for your phone that can adjust to any angle.

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Stretch Goals - Special Edition Colors & More
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Jun 08, 2016 at 08:58:18 PM

In our first Kickstarter campaign, we had a Special Edition Pocket Tripod as our $35 reward. This time around, we tried to keep things simple and just have the black or white color options. But it seems that a lot of people just love to have the special edition Pocket Tripod option. So by popular request, we're bringing the "Special Edition" reward back and we need your help to decide on the color.

Vote for your favorite color.

Help us choose a Special Edition color
Help us choose a Special Edition color


We'll keep the polls open for the duration of the campaign to give everyone a chance to vote. 

You will notice that we've added a new $22 reward tier called "The Special Edition Pocket Tripod". You can either switch to this reward type, or simply add $4 to your existing pledge for each Pocket Tripod that you want in the Special Edition color. For example if you've backed any of the multi-pack rewards or gift boxes.

You don't need to message us. After the campaign ends we'll send you a survey asking you for the color you want (as well as your address and the size(s) you need). 

Stretch Goals

We think it's safe to say that we've reached our initial $6K goal. You're awesome for backing our project and helping us raise over $84K. Interesting fact, that's how much we raised in our first Kickstarter. Except now we have another 26 days to go! So let's make things exciting with some sweet stretch goals. Help us reach these goals by telling your friends about the Pocket Tripod, and earn 10% of their pledge.  

Visit our Kickbooster page to participate.
Visit our Kickbooster page to participate.


The 3 new sizes are perfect for phones slimmer than the iPhone 6s. They allow for a snug fit with bare phones like the Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6. Possibly even the iPhone 7. 

We're very excited about these new stretch goals, especially the final one. We hope that we can reach them all with your help. 

Stay tuned for more updates,
Your friends at Geometrical

If you need help with anything just email us: Support@Pocket-Tripod.com

PS: A big part of our success is thanks to other project creators who've shared our campaign with their own backers. Check out their awesome campaigns below.

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Over 1100% in funding in less than 3 weeks
about 4 years ago – Wed, Jun 01, 2016 at 08:10:12 PM

Good morning! 

We're feeling very lucky to have such an overwhelming support from you, our amazing backers. When we launched this campaign we only asked for $6K to raise enough to pay for a production run of all our new universal sizes. We had no idea that the Pocket Tripod would become such a favorite. 

The Pocket Tripod was featured on ProductHunt last week, and became their all-time most up-voted photography accessory. Read all about the Pocket Tripod on ProductHunt here. ProductHunt is a community of product enthusiasts who love to analyze new and upcoming products. So if they love the Pocket Tripod, we think that it's a pretty big deal.

Time to think about Stretch Goals

So many of our backers have been asking for the dual-colored special edition Pocket Tripod and the stretch-goal sizes (6.5 mm and smaller). We're on it! At the rate that we're raising funds we are feeling very confident that our goals should be met. So right now we are asking our manufacturer to give us price quotes for our different stretch goal ideas. As soon as we have the numbers, we'll add the stretch goals. We're hoping to do that by next week. Hang in there! 

We thank you, and not just with words

We owe a big part of our success to many of you who love the Pocket Tripod enough to tell their friends about it. So instead of just saying "Thank You", we want you to also be part of our success. We're now on Kickbooster, which is an awesome platform that allows us to give 10% back to anyone who helps us get more backers. So next time someone backs our campaign because they found it through a link you shared, you earn 10% of their pledge! We think it's only fair. Visit our Kickbooster page to participate

Stay tuned for more updates,
Your friends at Geometrical

If you need help with anything just email us:

PS: A big part of our success is thanks to other project creators who've shared our campaign with their own backers. Check out their awesome campaigns below.

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Adding Multiple Items - BackerKit
about 4 years ago – Tue, May 24, 2016 at 12:22:40 AM

Hey everyone!
We've had a incredible second week thanks to your overwhelming support. Here are a few things that happened in the past week: The project was written up about on The Verge, Hypebeast, and gathered a huge following on ProductHunt, where it is now trending. Also the Pocket Tripod is currently in the top 25 most popular live projects on Kickstarter; out of over 5,250 currently live projects. We think that's amazing and we really appreciate your enthusiasm which got us to where we are now. 

Making things easier

We've gotten a lot of private messages and support emails asking how to add multiple items, or how to add extra Adapters, or simply multiple gift boxes. Before we had over 1,600 backers, it made sense to ask everyone to just add multiples of the cost of the items they want and send us a private message about it. But that method quickly overwhelmed our support team with a ton of tickets.

So to make things easier for everyone, we found a solution which many of you who've already backed other projects may be familiar with. We're partnering with BackerKit, which is a platform that will make it very easy for you to pick what extra items you'd like to get, how many, and what model (size, color). It's going to cost us just a little bit, but we think that it's worth the convenience it will bring you and us as well. 

How to add extra items

It's easy. Once our Kickstarter campaign ends, we'll send you a survey through BackerKit. The interface looks like most eCommerce stores, and you have the option to pick the size you need for your phone based on our device guide. You'll pick the color you'd prefer. Then you have the option to add any extra items that you'd like to get such as Adapters, Gift Boxes, or even other Pocket Tripods. If you've already pledged extra, that's fine, and you'll already have the necessary credit. If not, you'll pay the difference at the checkout stage. 

Updating your shipping and reward info

By the time we ship your rewards in October you may have changed your address or even your phone. Instead of creating a support ticket, you can simply jump into your account on BackerKit and change your reward type and or address. You won't need to rely on us to update it, and we'll use the latest information that you provide us through BackerKit when we're ready to ship your reward. This way we can be sure we're shipping you the right item to the right address, the first time. 

Before sending you the BackerKit survey, we'll post an update with step by step instructions. A lot of other projects also use BackerKit, so don't get surprised if you see an email from BackerKit for another campaign that you've pledged for. 

Stretch goals and special colors

We've gotten a few requests from backers asking for special colors. We're going to introduce a few stretch goals soon, and some will include special colors. We just need to work out the numbers to make sure we can meet our manufacturer's minimum order quantity and calculate what our stretch goal amount should be. We'll also have a poll asking you what color you'd prefer the most. 

Support emails and messages

We haven't forgotten about you. We've gotten hundreds of emails asking valid questions about the compatibility of the Pocket Tripod with your phones, or to let us know that you've pledged extra for multiple items. We don't do automated replies. We read each email and make sure we answer your question in the best way possible. So please be patient with us, even if it's been a few days and we haven't replied to you yet. We promise that we will. 

Thanks again for your overwhelming support! Stay tuned for more details. 
Your friends at Geometrical 

PS: We should thank our friends who've helped us by sharing our campaign with their backers.

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What a great first week! Thank you for backing our project.
about 4 years ago – Tue, May 17, 2016 at 07:45:13 AM

Dear backers,

We're very excited to see such overwhelming support for our second Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to your pledges, we were able to meet our goal in less than two days, and we've raised almost $20K in just one week. Please give yourself a round of applause on our behalf. 

Compatibility Questions

Many of you have asked us about the compatibility of the Pocket Tripod with a few Android phones like the Nexus 6P. During the past week, we've been busy testing a few of the most popular Android phones including the GS7 and the GS7 Edge, and have posted the results on our device guide

Be sure to check it out by clicking the banner below. If you don't see your phone listed, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not compatible, just that we haven't had a chance to test it yet. You can suggest it to us and we'll be glad to test it if we get enough requests for it. 

New Reward: "Adapters Only"

By popular demand, we've added the option of getting extra Adapters. If you already own a Pocket Tripod you can pledge for the $2 reward and receive just the Adapters. 

If this is your first Pocket Tripod, and you'd like to have additional adapters, for each additional pair of adapters that you need just add multiples of $2 to your pledge amount. But be sure to let us know by sending us a private message (not a comment) so that we can make a note. Otherwise, we won't know that you did and might only send you just one item.

We'll be keeping you informed about our progress by posting an update every Monday for the duration of the campaign. If you have any specific questions, be sure to ask us by opening a ticket with our support team: Support@Pocket-Tripod.com
We may be slow at responding in the next few days, but we promise to answer everyone. 

Your friends at Geometrical.

PS: we wanted to thank our friend and their campaigns for helping us start off on a great note! Check out their campaigns!

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